Sugar reduction is a hot topic in confectionery. Customers love the sweetness of these products but are not willing to add the extra calories to their diet. If the aim is to decrease the sugar content in baked goods, our Lesys™ Crystalline Maltitol is an efficient substitute, possessing a sweetness that comes close to that of natural sugar. Besides coming close to sugar in taste, Lesys™ Crystalline Maltitol also has a similar weight and behaves like sugar during processing, making it the perfect sugar substitute. Additionally, Lesys™ Crystalline Maltitol has a low glycemic index and doesn’t caramelise as easily as sugar.

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Benefits of confectionary

  1. 1 Enjoy the taste and sweetness of sugar in low calorie products.
  2. 2 Create products that have a lower glycemic index, but keep the same properties as real sugar.

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