Sauces and dressings

With the wide range of possibilities for sauces and dressings, our products have multiple functions that can be of help when developing this sort of products. Emulsified sauces usually suffer a reduction in their fat content, generally with ingredients that don’t have the rich taste of egg yolk. With AJIREX™NH, it is possible to mask off notes, and AROMILD™ U-15 can be used to bring in the sulphuric note of egg. In rich red sauces—like barbecue sauce—AROMAWAY™ gives the possibility to balance the notes, give body, mouthfeel, and umami. Dressings can be given a boost in taste with the addition of AROMILD™ and AJITOP™.

There is an incredibly wide range of possibilities for the uses these products can have for the development of sauces and dressings. If you want to find the best solution for your sauce or dressing, please contact our food technologist.

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