Meat products

Seasonings and brine provide special properties to meat. These can be either injected — in the batter — or added on top of the meat. The incorporation of mixtures of herbs and spices adds to the meat and can give it either a more traditional or more exotic taste. To enhance the natural taste of meat with brine, our AJIREX™, AROMILD™, and AJITOP™ can be used to delicately improve the flavour of the meat without adding a taste of their own.

The blends of herbs and spices used in the seasonings can give meat the experience of a kebab, grandmother’s meatballs, and everything in between. When creating a blend of herbs and spices, it is challenging to enhance the good flavours and give that extra umami and succulence to the meat. The combination of AROMILD™ and AJITOP™ gives a boost of umami and the addition of AROMILD™ U-15 enhances the meaty flavour. If you want to find the best solution for your meat, please contact our food technologist.

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Benefits of meat products

  1. 1 Enhance the natural flavour of meat and provide extra succulence.
  2. 2 Create a strong taste foundation on which to build the taste profile of your choice.

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